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Singing came naturally to me as a young child. Our home was constantly filled with the sounds of music as I grew up. My earliest memories are of my dad getting out his record player and singing to me and my siblings. I would listen and learn those songs, and eventually I began singing along with my dad and trying to perfect my voice to sound just like the person on the record. Even at a young age, I remember embellishing slightly so I could give each song my own style.

My dad exposed us to so many different genres of music, and I enjoyed each one, but my two favorites were Disco and Rock-n-Roll; but, growing up in Louisiana, I also had a little Country music in me too. As a teenager, I would listen to the many popular female vocalists and found myself mimicking them and always trying to hit that one special note. This was what I would call my training time.

Singing became an everyday part of life for me - a passion. I knew deep down that I wanted to have a singing career, but I loved so many different genres that I had no idea what kind of music I wanted to sing. Looking back, I do believe God's hand was upon my life even though I wasn't a believer at that time. It wasn't until I put my faith in His Son at the age of 23 that I realized exactly what I should be singing. In this new chapter of my life I was allowed to join the youth praise team at my church and was able to perfect a little more of my vocals as well as maturing in the Word. Since that time, He has allowed me to sing for His glory throughout various denominational churches and stadiums. I can also sing in Spanish and minister to Spanish speaking churches.

What a privilege it has been to be His servant and to use the talent He has given me. Since the day I confessed Him and believed in my heart, my life has never been the same. Now I know why I was given a voice... to sing praises to Him.


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